View from the Kitchen (Vulcano Pichincha)

Nearby Plaza Foch! Best Nightlife!!!

The Kitchen with best the View over Quito!

Stylish & Cosy Livingroom with Balcony!

Breakfast with a view ... yummy!!!

... leave as a friend!

The friendly German owner of the "B&B del Cielo" (Quito) does not only rent his room for economical reason. As a frequent traveler he knows that you will see a city in a differnt way when you have contact to somebody who knows and loves it!

B&B del Cielo (Quito, Ecuador) at AirBnB

24/7 Live Support

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also the security guards. For sure you have WiFi all the time.

B&B del Cielo (Quito, Ecuador) at AirBnB

Travel save ...!

Quito is not the savest place in the world. Therefore you should stay in a safe place and get security advices from somebody who lives here and cares about you. With that nothing will happen!

B&B del Cielo (Quito, Ecuador) at AirBnB

Your Benefits

... very safe, very central, sylish appartment, new beds, clean towls, private, new bathroom, drinking water, good breakfast, cosy balcony with BBQ, free wifi, german owner, best information, brand new renovaded, heating, european standard, free maps, best view, mini cinema, ...

B&B del Cielo (Quito, Ecuador) at AirBnB

The "Bed and Breakfast del Cielo" (Quito)

Bed and Brealfast Quito Ecuador View Quito CotopaxiWelcome, Willkommen, Bienvenido …

… al “Bed and Breakfast del Cielo” (Quito)!

… the best place to stay en Quito (Ecuador) …


  Cotopaxi is an active stratovolcano in the Andes Mountains, located in the Latacunga canton of Cotopaxi Province, about 50 km (31 mi) south of Quito, and 33 km (21 mi) northeast of the city of Latacunga, Ecuador, in South America. It is the second highest summit in Ecuador, reaching a height of 5,897 m (19,347 ft). It is one of the world’s highest volcanoes. Since 1738, Cotopaxi has erupted more than 50 times, resulting […]

  Pululagua (alternate spelling: Pululahua) is a dormant volcano in the north of Quito Canton, Pichincha Province, Ecuador. The volcano is in the Western Cordillera of the northern Ecuadorian Andes, approximately west-southwest of Mojanda and north of Casitahua volcanoes. Pululagua’s caldera is approximately 5 km wide. The volcano is within an Ecuadorian national park known […]

The biggest complication faced by the construction of the Trans-Andean railroad was the Devil’s Nose, a mountain with almost perpendicular walls. To overcome this obstacle a zigzag railroad was built that climbs more than 500 meters in less than 12 km with steep ascents and descents. It today remains an impressive piece of engineering. While […]

Im Jahr 1802 versuchte Alexander von Humboldt, den Chimborazo zu besteigen und machte den höchsten Vulkan Ecuadors zu einem Mythos. Heute folgen Bergsteiger, Trekkingtouristen und Abenteurer den Spuren des großen Entdeckers und Naturforschers. Alexander von Humboldt bluten die Hände, als er sich die steilen Hänge des Chimborazo hinaufkämpft. Es ist der 23. Juni 1802 in […]

1. the meeting is supposed to start at 1:45 but it actually starts at 2:45 Us foreigners (specially Germans) like to call this “Ecua-Time”, usually accompanied by the “Ecua-Walk” and always expected for any public event, party, meeting, lunch date, Christmas dinner, etc. The good thing is you learn how to relax and be more […]

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